Common Problems

Right eye is not rendering right

Symptoms:Parts of the scene is missing on the right eye.
Cause:Driver bug.
Fix:Either enable “Disable display lists” or uncheck “OVR_MultiView2” in the launcher.

Bad performance

Symptoms:OpenMW-VR plays with a very low framerate.
Cause:OpenMW-VR is based on OpenMW which is not super well optimized, and is being used to render very poorly optimized assets. VR on top of this can be extremely slow when heavy features like shadows and water reflections are enabled.
Fix:Reduce shadow complexity or disable shadows altogether. Reduce water shader complexity or disable it altogether. Make sure “Use shared shadow maps” is enabled in the launcher (launcher->advanced->VR). Make sure “OVR_MultiView2” is enabled in the launcher

My Controller doesn’t work

Symptoms:OpenMW-VR appears in my headset but my motion controllers do nothing or have extremely limited functionality. Unable to complete even basic gameplay.
Cause 1:No profile exists for that controller. Check xrcontrollersuggestions.xml and see if there is a profile entry for it. If there is none, then OpenMW-VR has not added support for your controller yet.
Fix 1:Write your own profile. Consult the openxr spec for the exact interaction profile Path, extension name, and available action paths. Feel free to send me this profile, either in an issue or a MR.
Fix 2:Open an issue at the gitlab and i’ll add a profile. Not that i don’t have your controller and may write a suboptimal profile.
Cause 2:You are using an openxr runtime that does not support your controllers. For example, last I checked SteamVR did not support the vive cosmos controllers. If this is the cause then a line in openmw.log will state Configuring interaction profile '/interaction_profiles/vendor/controller' (Controller Name). followed by Required extension 'XR_#' not supported. Skipping interaction profile..
Fix:Make sure your runtime is up to date. Try switching to your headset/controller’s native runtimes, as opposed to a non-native runtime like SteamVR.

The menu button and thumbsticks don’t work.

Symptoms:Motion controllers work but thumbsticks and the menu button do nothing.
Cause:Known bug in SteamVR.
Fix:Use your headset’s native runtimes instead of SteamVR.

Audio does not go to my VR Headset


Audio is not automatically playing in your VR headset instead of your default speakers.


OpenMW explicitly selects an audio device at startup and sticks with it. By default this is the default speaker.


Either set your default audio to the VR headset, or configure openmw to use it. To do this, add the following lines to the end of settings.cfg.

device = #

Where # is the identifier of your device. You can find the correct identifier by reading openmw.log, look for the line Enumerated output devices: where devices are enumerated.