File Tables

Tables found in the File menu.

Verification Results

This table shows reports created by the verify command found in the file menu. Verify will go over the whole project and output errors / warnings when records don’t conform to the requirements of the engine. The offending records can be accessed directly from the verification results table. The table will not update on its own once an error / warning is fixed. Instead, use the Refresh option found in the right click menu in this table.

The type of record that is causing the error / warning.
ID value of the offending record.
Whether the entry is an error or merely a warning. The game can still run even if not all errors are fixed.
Information on what exactly is causing the error / warning.

Error Log

The Error Log table shows any errors that occured while loading the game files into OpenMW-CS. These are the files that come in .omwgame, .omwaddon, .esm, and .esp formats.