Default UI font and font used in magic scrolls are defined in openmw.cfg:

fallback=Fonts_Font_0,MysticCards fallback=Fonts_Font_2,DemonicLetters

When there are no Fonts_Font_* lines in user’s openmw.cfg, built-in TrueType fonts are used. Font used by console and another debug windows is not configurable (so Fonts_Font_1 is unused).

Morrowind .fnt fonts

Morrowind uses a custom .fnt file format. It is not compatible with the Windows Font File .fnt format. To our knowledge, the format is undocumented. OpenMW can load this format and convert it on the fly into something usable (see font loader source code).

They can be used instead of TrueType fonts if needed by specifying their .fnt files names in the openmw.cfg. For example:

fallback=Fonts_Font_0,magic_cards_regular fallback=Fonts_Font_2,daedric_font

In this example OpenMW will search for magic_cards_regular.fnt and daedric_font.fnt in the Fonts folder in data directories. If they are not found, built-in TrueType fonts will be used as a fallback. Note that an import wizard copies values from Morrowind.ini, so bitmap fonts will be used after import. If such behaviour is undesirable, Fonts_Font* entries should be removed from openmw.cfg.

TrueType fonts

Unlike vanilla Morrowind, OpenMW directly supports TrueType (.ttf) fonts. This is the recommended fonts format. OpenMW has build-in TrueType fonts: MysticCards, DemonicLetters and DejaVuLGCSansMono, which are used by default. TrueType fonts are configured via openmw.cfg too:

fallback=Fonts_Font_0,MysticCards fallback=Fonts_Font_2,DemonicLetters

In this example, OpenMW will scan Fonts folder in data directories for .omwfont files. These files are XML files with schema provided by MyGUI. OpenMW uses .omwfont files which name (without extension) matches openmw.cfg entries.

It is also possible to adjust the font size via settings.cfg file:

font size = 16

The font size setting accepts clamped values in range from 12 to 18.

Any Size property in the .omwfont file has no effect because the engine overrides it.

The engine automatically takes UI scaling factor into account, so don’t account for it when tweaking the settings.